Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mahoning Valley Green Jobs Campaign

At the Greater Youngstown 2.0 LinkedIn website, Sheila Klasovsky links to a letter to the editor in the Warren Tribune Chronicle:

Lastly, like our representatives in the House that already have supported the American Clean Energy & Security Act, we need the Senate to get behind this ''green energy'' initiative that wind power offers us, and in doing so help businesses grow in Ohio, including many in the Mahoning Valley area.

Regarding the above action item, Sheila offers an opportunity:

Letter Writing & National Call In Day to Urge Our Senators to Pass Clean Energy & Climate Protection Legislation THIS YEAR!!!!

Please Join Us:
~THURSDAY September 17, 2009~ Anytime btwn. 6:30 & 8:00pm
@ Lemon Grove Cafe & Lounge 122 Federal Plaza W, Youngstown, OH 44503 (check calendar of events)

Use the POWER of the pen to Repower America!!!!

I would encourage expatriates who would like to return to Ohio to lobby all four relevant US Senators. Regarding the Ohio two (Brown and Voinovich), be sure to make the point that more green jobs would bring you back home. Also, keep an eye on the developments in Pittsburgh, a city poised to become America's number one energy hub. That includes all types of green industry. Come to think of it, lobby the PA US Senators as well.

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