Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Youngstown Sustainable Energy

I've written before about the potential of the energy industry in Pittsburgh to boost the regional economy. Greater Youngstown could tap into that cash flow by improving the connectivity infrastructure between itself and Pittsburgh. The upcoming Sustainable Energy Forum is an example of how this bigger geography could work:

Forum combines national perspectives with a regional economic development focus on specific initiatives in the Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia tri-state area.

One of our goals of Greater Youngstown 2.0 is to expand the scope of what counts as Youngstown. The Steel Valley is an obvious landscape. Much less so is the diaspora who left the area in search of economic opportunity. Where these natives currently reside is also part of Greater Youngstown. But its the Cleveburgh Corridor that will drive the redevelopment of Youngstown and set the Mahoning Valley on the path to prosperity.

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