Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Energy Jobs

I had beers last Saturday afternoon with a Youngstown State University graduate. He's originally from Akron, but came to know Youngstown while attending college there. I was telling him about Pittsburgh's burgeoning energy economy and he expressed disbelief. That's a common theme in my interactions. Most people don't have any idea of what is going on right next door.

For example, take Cranberry, PA and the recent opening of the new Westinghouse campus. As I WILL SHOUT YOUNGSTOWN remarks, that's a major employer right on the doorstep of Greater Youngstown. I'm talking about well-paying jobs within easy commuting distance. I'm pointing out high-income households in the Youngstown market.

When people leave the Steel Valley, they tend to end up in three places: Cleveland/Akron, Pittsburgh, and Columbus. News in those three metros should be news in Greater Youngstown. With Pittsburgh touting its energy economy, we all should pay close attention. There's no reason why the Cranberry boom shouldn't benefit Greater Youngstown.

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