Friday, December 11, 2009

Mahoning River Salmon

On Wednesday, I mentioned the recent NEOtropolis episode about regionalism in Northeast Ohio. I managed to carve out some time to watch the show that night. Towards the end, the panelists briefly discussed "salmon".

Salmon are the people who left the area only to return, among other reasons, for spawning. I gather that the policy wonks are familiar with the boomerang migration trend, going so far as to highlight this demographic as prospective entrepreneurial talent. However, I think the idea was to lure back expatriates who are established entrepreneurs.

The words of the panelists encouraged me. There would seem to be some interest in the boomerang migrant incubator project. I'll remind you of the singular motivation of salmon to travel back to the place of their birth. Channel that energy towards economic redevelopment.

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