Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Expatriates Celebrate Youngstown

George Bundy is a successful Bay Area entrepreneur. He's also connected to the Mahoning Valley. Recently, Bundy got wind of the renaissance in Youngstown:

What.. is this a joke? Nope, seems that Y-Town is on a comeback.

But it's not 1979, 89, or even 99.. it's 2009. Steel died in this rust belt valley in 1977, this article should have been written in 1979, not 2009. But, disappointingly it took well over 30 years for area to realize that their one trick pony (steel) was not coming back. Nobody wished harder, the "Good Old Days" of steel would come back, then the Mahoning Valley. Unfortunately, during the same time, the world (and business) passed "The Valley" by... year, after year, after year. Lets hope they have ultimately learned from the past 30 years.
Gee, someone should have told me Youngstown Ohio was "Where to Be an Entrepreneur". I would not have left.. 20 years ago!

I'm sure Bundy would appreciate yesterday's post about the struggles in Augusta, Maine. Relative to many other shrinking cities, Youngstown is ahead of the curve. Even if it took more than 30-years to start the economic transformation process.

George, the time has come for you to return to your home. Help Youngstown mind the lessons of the past and grow into the future. The urban frontier is calling.

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