Friday, January 8, 2010

Thoughts on ITC Ruling Press Conference in Warren

I was tempted to address the criticism of the Mahoning Valley trade mission to Israel, but the objections are ridiculous. Those community leaders got the 15-minutes they were seeking. I found the following comment about the benefits of the import duties illuminating:

The congressman emphasized that the U.S. is on the verge of a “green revolution” in which companies such as Wheatland Tube and V&M Star would be called on to produce the components needed to power America’s future through alternative energy sources such as wind turbines.

“There is a revolution coming in green technology,” Ryan said. “If we let the Chinese continue to dump their products on our country, then we’ll see another revolution in America that we’ll miss.”

Today's news cycle is still spitting out stories about the Green Revolution (great one here). Reads like a media blitz trumpeting Obama's preferred economic strategy, a manufacturing manifesto. Whether or not it is a good idea, the money is coming.

That pipeline is pointed right at Greater Youngstown. Again, I'll stress the connectivity opportunities. Israel is certainly one of them, but so is Pittsburgh (via the TechBelt Initiative) and the Front Range of Colorado. The regional diaspora in the Greater Denver area could prove to be very useful, particularly concerning alternative energy projects back home.

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