Thursday, October 1, 2009

Battle For Clean Tech Jobs Begins

The Brookings Institution has the scoop on the US Senate version of the Waxman-Markey bill:

Equally or even more important given our concern for metropolitan and national economic restructuring, the new bill calls for investments in energy innovation. On this front, the Kerry-Boxer bill tracks both the Waxman-Markey proposal and the Department of Energy’s FY2010 budget request by proposing the creation and funding of a string of energy innovation hubs.

This matters a great deal to Greater Youngstown thanks to the tireless efforts of US Congressman Tim Ryan to secure an energy innovation hub in the Mahoning Valley. This also highlights the importance of the Tech Belt Initiative, which would integrate the entire Cleveburgh corridor with Pittsburgh's emergence as a global energy center.

The stakes couldn't be bigger. This is an economic development bonanza and Greater Youngstown cannot afford to be left out of the national program. Now is a good time to get organized and lobby your senators. Repower America: Ohio Chapter is a place to start.

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