Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Youngstown Success Story

I get the impression that residents of the Steel Valley don't appreciate what they have in the Youngstown Business Incubator. It's not just a helping hand for startups. The YBI is an engine of economic development and revitalization:

Here’s a place that’s actively trying to become an entreprenurial hotbed, and they’re really pushing into new territory, and I thought “If anybody deserves a place, Youngstown deserves a place”, even if they don’t have some of the numbers that some of these bigger cities have.” ...

... it’s an impressive endeavour and I think it’s something other small cities are going to look to and start copying over the next few years.
Jim Cossler, YBI's "Chief Evangelist", appreciates a fresh perspective and bold initiative. Listen to him explain the transformation of Youngstown. Boomerang migrants are the vanguard of a movement to re-imagine the Rust Belt. Returning home isn't easy, but some expatriates are looking for a challenge and are highly motivated by civic pride. These pioneers are already building a new Youngstown.

The YBI is at the center of this migration. We are actively searching for more of the like-minded out there. We want to help you move back. For those of you who already have done so, we want to help you plug into the network rebuilding the region.

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