Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Return to Youngstown? Jobs Available

There's a TechBelt emerging in downtown Youngstown. With the Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI) serving as anchor, the knowledge economy is booming along Federal Street:

Revere Data is the first outside company attracted to the Tech Block, which is being developed downtown by the incubator and the Youngstown Central Area Community Improvement Corp.

Lih-Hann Chiu, Revere’s product manager for federal programs, said Youngstown was selected after a nationwide search because of its low cost of operations and abundance of talent.

He said Revere learned in its research that the area has a good number of college graduates but a lack of jobs for them.

“We found that it is an extremely undertapped area, and one that’s very ripe,” he said.

The company is looking for graduates who have degrees in business, economics, information technology, life sciences or engineering.

Chiu's comments highlight a few things. First, the local talent market has substantial leakage. Qualified graduates from Youngstown State University might stick around if there were jobs that would make use of the expertise. It also indicates that many smart people are now members of the expatriate community we call the Mahoning Valley Diaspora. As our research graphically reveals, you folks haven't fallen too far from the tree. Revere Data has a large talent shed from which to find good employees.

The second point is the low cost of doing this kind of business. The USA Today article detailing the cheap real estate opportunities in the area provides a compelling example. Most Rust Belt cities offer a similar value proposition, but few combine it with a revitalizing downtown and an ample supply of talent. Add to that the dynamic political leadership that might be the envy of all shrinking cities and you can see why Revere Data would open an office in Youngstown.

While the 10 openings are entry level, this is your chance to move back and join the Defend Youngstown cause. The Tech Block is the center of the Mahoning Valley renaissance. Here's 411 printed in the Business Journal:

Revere Data LLC, which is opening a research office in the Youngstown Business Incubator’s Semple Building, is seeking 10 full-time research associates to conduct research on publicly traded U.S. companies.

In August, Jim Cossler, YBI’s executive director, announced that the San Francisco business research and intelligence company would relocate its research and development operations to Youngstown. The nine-year-old company specializes in business intelligence and mapping.

Applicants for the positions should have an undergraduate degree in business. economics, information technology, life sciences or engineering, zero to two years of work experience, strong research and Internet search skills, and a demonstrated interest in business, finance and global affairs.

Candidates are invited to send a resume to Cossler specifically referencing the Revere Data openings.

Email Jim Cossler at jcossler@ybi.org if you are interested in the position.

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